Financial Health Check

Financial Health Check

28th June 2019

A free service provided by your local Citizens Advice Bureau to help you save money

If you want to get your bills in order, save money and potentially increase your income a Financial Health Check (FHC) at your local Citizens Advice Bureau. 

A FHC is a completely free and confidential service which begins with a full benefits check to determine whether you are in receipt of all benefits you are entitled to; 500,000 Scots are not claiming what they have a right to claim. We can also look into any grants or exemptions which you may not be aware of and consider what you are currently paying on your utility bills and insurances with a view to accessing cheaper deals and saving you money.  A search for the best deals available is done using various comparison sites; one client has saved almost £500 each year by switching their electricity supplier, renegotiating their telephone contract and switching their home insurance provider.

A typical day in the life of a FHC adviser can vary from a day in the Golspie office working with individuals and families to help them get the most out of what they have coming in to heading out into the community introducing this new service to local groups and organisations where appointments can be made to come in to the office and see me or have me back to visit them. Home visits are also available for anyone with an illness or disability that prevents them from attending the office or an outreach clinic.

Working with community groups has been very successful.  This involves speaking with those in attendance and allowing for discussion within the group around the topic of where money can be made and saved.  If somewhere suitable is available, benefit checks can be carried out at this time getting the FHC process started. If you are involved with a local group or organisation and feel that a FHC be of benefit to you and your members please contact the office and an appointment can be made for a group visit.

Contacting your local FHC adviser couldn’t be easier.  Simply call the East & Central Sutherland Citizens Advice Bureau on 01408 633000 to book an appointment or email:

Melanie Bell

Financial Health Check Adviser